Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Fashion Icon: Bianca Jagger

Those who have seen my last fashion post are aware that Bianca Jagger is a huge fashion muse to me. Here are some of her iconic outfits that left me in awe!

The Jumpsuit

Bianca Jagger turned heads when she would rock her signature look which were jumpsuits. Jumpsuits were extremely popular during the seventies but the way Bianca styled them was very unique. This is probably my favorite fashion look from her! From the turban to the gloves.

The Floppy Hat

Bianca's wedding outfit is probably her top iconic outfit. Many celebrities today such as Kim Kardashian and Amal Clooney have recreated this look. She wore this on her wedding day with Mick Jagger. It is definitely not like the common wedding dress which made it to be iconic.

The Pants Suit

Some may think the pants suit is not quite flattering but I think it's lovely. If you think a pants suit is too masculine, try to add a bit of sexiness or feminine.  Bianca  would add a low cut blouse or a dress blouse. Both are lovely. I still love seeing women in pants suits today!

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